In India, pipe fittings were sold loose only in gunny bags prior to 1994. Innovation is at the core of everything we do at UNIK. Pipe Fittings did not get the respectability they deserved due to loose packing. It was UNIQ that introduced packaging elements to India for the first time.

Dabbi Packing is now chosen by increasingly more pipe fitting manufacturers. We refer to this as 'LEADERSHIP THROUGH QUALITY & INNOVATION'. Today, "Unik" Brand has more than 3500 distributors in India, making it one of the most popular pipe fitting brands.

After final inspection, "UNIK" Pipe Fittings are packaged as follows:

1) Each item is packed in poly pouches after undergoing a multistage inspection.
2) Three-ply poly pouches packed in mini cartons.
3) Seals are applied using Shrink Wrapping poly bag sealing machines to ensure quality cartons are protected from moisture.
4) The mini cartons are placed inside a 7-ply master carton made of bituminised heasian cloth.
5) Each master carton contains a list of contents.
6) Heat sealable strapping is used to seal each master carton.