Quality Control

Our process controls are strictly adhered to throughout the entire production process, ensuring that the pipe fittings are made of the highest quality.

Raw Material Testing

A lab well equipped with advanced equipment tests each raw material and other ingredient in advance of use, for its physical and chemical properties to produce the best product. We inspect raw castings for defects like cold shuts, shifts, blow holes, hard spots, and sand depth. Cracks and distortion are checked on Annealed Castings. It is important to ensure that galvanized castings have a smooth, clean, continuous zinc coating with no black or acid spots. The threaded portion of machined fittings is inspected for defects like fins, thin threads, break threads and pin holes.

Mechanical Tests (By sampling Method)

Various tests are performed during the course of production of the best quality pipe fittings, including:

1) The malleability test ensures that the Pipe Fittings from "UNIK" are properly malleabilised.
2) Testing the tensile strength and elasticity of the "UNIK" Pipe Fittings ensures that they have undergone the proper heating process and acquired the desired properties.
3) An internal fluid pressure test is conducted to ensure that "UNIK" Pipe Fittings will not leak at the given pressure.

Other Inspections (By sampling Method)

Pipe Fittings of the "UNIK" Brand are inspected with suitable instruments like Thread Gauges, Templates, Micrometers, and Gauges for thread dimensions and alignment, as well as their dimensions and wall thickness.

Technical Comparison

In the table that follows, you can see how "UNIK" Brand Pipe Fittings compare favorably with other standard specifications for malleable cast iron pipe fittings used in various countries.

Min. Tensile Strength (kgf/mm2) 32 30 30 28 28
Min. Elongation (%) 7 6 6 6 5
Min. zinc coating (gms/m2) 655 610 450 450 -
Max. Working Pressure (kgf/cm2) hydraulic 20 14 20 14 20
Angle Tolerance Degree (+/-) 0.5 1 0.5 0.45 0.4